Movie Rental Kiosk – A Change in Direction For Movie Rentals

Movie Rentals Made Easier

With the sheer convenience of downloading movies from the internet and mail order movies, a movie rental kiosk has to be just that much easier to use in order to compete with the other options. Here are a few places that benefit from a movie rental kiosk:

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  • Condominium lobbies
  • Department stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Gas stations
  • Corner stores
  • Pharmacies

The general idea is to install these machines in places people frequent on a daily or weekly basis. Instead of driving to a video store, as a separate errand on your list, you can rent movies in locations that are part of your routine. Renting and returning movies is quick and easy with rental kiosks.

Computerized search features also allow for easier retrieval of movies. Most kiosks are filled with new releases, popular children’s movies, and the top classic flicks, which eliminates the inconvenience of searching through thousands of square feet worth of movies for the customer. Another kiosk bonus is the preview feature: eliminating guesswork and allowing customers to find exactly the movie they were looking for, without examining boxes to see if this is indeed the desired movie.

Without line ups, a clerk trying to find the requested movies behind the counter, and membership hassles, payment is another easy step when renting movies from a kiosk. Zip a credit card through for payment and customers can continue on their way with one easy step.

Benefits of Movie Rental Kiosks to Store Owners

Small businesses, like corner stores, are always looking for a way to make a little more money or draw in more customers. Movie rental kiosks achieve both of these goals. Customers come in to rent movies, and then they decide on a few other impulse purchases or are reminded of other items they needed to buy while they are in the store, easily raising store profits. As well, the rental kiosk itself makes money for the store, but with relatively little space and no extra staffing needed. While video stores have to recoup the costs of the overhead that comes with massive square footage requirements, staffing for the store, and the videos themselves in their rentals fees, kiosks have so little overhead that they can keep the costs of renting much lower; in most places a DVD rental goes for as little as a dollar a day through kiosk rental, which in turn drives more business to them and the host store.

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